Containers that can be manufactured as assembled or disassembled are designed according to purpose of use and conditions of region where they will be used. Thanks to the flexible design structure of the containers, they can practically be transported and assembled.


In line with customer demands, we produce composite panel containers, sandwich panel containers, welded containers, combined containers and multi-story containers.

Container Types

  • Office Containers

  • Dormitory Containers

  • WC & Shower Containers

  • Emergency Aid Units

  • Kitchen & Refectory Containers

  • Security Cabins

  • Laundries

  • Laboratories

  • Storage Containers

  • Cold Room Containers

  • Recreation Units

  • Explosion Proof Containers

  • Welded Containers

Advantages of Use

  • Ease of Production

  • Ease of Transportation

  • Transportability

  • Ease of Assembly

  • Longevity

  • Reusability

  • Resistance to Climate Conditions

  • Multipurpose Use